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The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is now available for all GLOCK Pistols, including AirSoft GLOCKS.

The front sight is a newly engineered design that cannot be found on any other sighting system.  The primary function of positioning hexagon shapes on the front post sight is to absorb light from reflecting back into the shooters face, thereby, allowing the shooter to maintain focus on the threat and not on reflected light. On close examination of the front sight, you will find multiple hexagon shapes that are embedded into the front post.  All of the shapes are positioned on a 45 degree angle to absorb and deflect a shooters worst enemy, reflected light.  Research data shows that this configuration reduces the reflective area of the surface of the front sight post by an estimated 83.3%.  A clear and unobstructed focus on a threat is critical in a combat shooting situation, and anything that can be done to reduce distractions to the shooter is a major benefit to a successful lethal encounter.

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1) Over Molded Metal Core Components with HexZite-22™, a Glass Filled Metal Replacement Engineering Casting Polymer that is temperature stable, chemical resistant and more "robust" than Carbon Steel. This Polymer is of the same type currently found in the Glock Pistol, with composition improvements to better meet the requirements.

2) And a totally new "user friendly" mounting system that does not require custom fitting or gunsmithing

3) Also included in the set are three varying height Front Sights, with the much improved "honeycombed" sight face to better accommodate the fast and consistent "Zero" on each pistol.

The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is 100% Made in the U.S.A. 

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About Goshen Enterprises, Inc. and HexSite®

The inventor of the HexSite® Sighting Systems, Timothy J. Sheehan, has been President and CEO of Goshen Enterprises, Inc., since its inception on June 19, 1984. The corporation evolved from a partnership which began on October 1, 1981, and prior to invention of the HexSite® Sighting systems, the corporation’s principal manufactured products were Timothy Sheehan’s proprietary (1) PerFit leather handgun holster, the only known holster to be built directly around the firearm it would carry, and (2) Pandora’s Bag ‘N’ Baggage handgun purses. These products have been widely commended in such publications as “Peterson’s Handguns”, “Firepower”, “Guns & Ammo”, “Swat”, “Gun World”, “Women and Guns”, “Gun and Shooter”, and “Police Career Digest”. Other services, some of which have advanced in priority over the years, are custom gunsmithing and modification, defensive firearms training, and instruction in defensive awareness. All Instructors are NRA-certified and are certified by Arizona Department of Public Safety as Firearms Safety Instructors for CCW instruction.

The motivation behind development of Perfit Holsters and the invention of the HexSite® Sighting Systems is the result of our broad corporate purpose, which always has been to make any defensive firearm as “user-friendly” as possible when operating in the most stressful situational environment a shooter may find himself in.

In the case of sights, we came to realize that, under stress, all existing iron sights were non-functional because, under stress, the shooter has no near-eye focus capacity. Under stress, he doesn’t look at the sights. So, obviously, unstressed marksmanship training is of no use in a startled-response, confrontational situation.

Enter the patented HexSite® Sighting System!! Under “Technical Specifications”, we explain how the implied lines of the hexagonal aperture, which the shooter looks through, not at, centers the eye precisely on target without conscious effort. With the eye focused on the target, the absence of near-eye focus capacity becomes irrelevant.

HexSite® Sighting Systems sights are not just target sights. They are battle sights that are also capable of giving the shooter excellent target accuracy at extended ranges.

The HexSite® Sighting Systems’ patent-pending period ended November 27, 2001, when Utility Patent #US 6,321,479 B1 was granted. Four Design Patents also are in effect. This aperture gun sight invention now is the primary manufactured product of Goshen Enterprises, Inc., because its astonishing benefits have resulted in high demand.


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