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The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is now available for all GLOCK Pistols, including AirSoft GLOCKS.

The front sight is a newly engineered design that cannot be found on any other sighting system.  The primary function of positioning hexagon shapes on the front post sight is to absorb light from reflecting back into the shooters face, thereby, allowing the shooter to maintain focus on the threat and not on reflected light. On close examination of the front sight, you will find multiple hexagon shapes that are embedded into the front post.  All of the shapes are positioned on a 45 degree angle to absorb and deflect a shooters worst enemy, reflected light.  Research data shows that this configuration reduces the reflective area of the surface of the front sight post by an estimated 83.3%.  A clear and unobstructed focus on a threat is critical in a combat shooting situation, and anything that can be done to reduce distractions to the shooter is a major benefit to a successful lethal encounter.

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1) Over Molded Metal Core Components with HexZite-22™, a Glass Filled Metal Replacement Engineering Casting Polymer that is temperature stable, chemical resistant and more "robust" than Carbon Steel. This Polymer is of the same type currently found in the Glock Pistol, with composition improvements to better meet the requirements.

2) And a totally new "user friendly" mounting system that does not require custom fitting or gunsmithing

3) Also included in the set are three varying height Front Sights, with the much improved "honeycombed" sight face to better accommodate the fast and consistent "Zero" on each pistol.

The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is 100% Made in the U.S.A. 

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Installation Manual

Springfield XD Shooters —



As a sporting activity, there is nothing “wrong” with target shooting. Shooting at bullseyes, bowling pins, steel plates and hunting non-lethal game in season may be fun, and useful in the developing and testing of highly-refined shooting skills, and of special equipment. And, we truthfully add, the HexSite® unquestionably is an aid in perfecting all such shooting skills.

BUT, and this may come as a shock, the handgun was conceived for the sole purpose of resolving a single basic defensive need – to neutralize an imminent threat, at close quarters, in a dynamic environment, with an effectual startled response. As to purpose, this equates to “ separating the men from the boys”, because gun fighting and gun shooting are two entirely diverse activities – two different worlds.

See “HexSite®: Hitting the Target by NotFocusing on the Sight

In this practical application, there have been several meaningful improvements, such as double-action, revolver cylinders, ammunition ejectors, magazine feeders, etc.

Not so with handgun sighting!! Almost all sight modification have been dangerous, less-than-practical sporting concepts inappropriately jammed into defensive uses. They are detrimental to defensive needs because they elevate the importance of sightacquisition above that of target (threat)acquisition. Since it’s the threat that is lethal, not the sight, should not focus be on the threat (target)?

Ask any survivor of an armed conflict about his sighting picture. Most likely, he will respond that he did not have one. He wasn’t looking at his high-profile, red-dot, glow-in-the-dark, whizbang sight – the one he used in shooting at an out-of-focus, non-threatening piece of paper. Because of an urgent sense of self-preservation, he (wisely) ignored the sight and immediately addressed the target. All his obtrusive, distracting sight did was partially conceal the target (threat) and his field of vision. This distraction to concentration, in turn, interrupts the flow of the defensive combat engagement. See Vision and Shooting, by Edward C. Godnig, O.D., FCOVD, under Body Alarm Reaction (BAR) (and read The Art of War, by Sun Tsu).

Good news! The unobtrusive HexSite® is not meant to be looked at. At the time of your startled response, you look right through it at your target (threat) with both eyes open (an unvarying reality in every dynamic encounter), and with a completely unobstructed view of your combat field of fire. The eye-friendly hexagonal aperture’s 16 reference points draw your focus to the precise center of your threat, with no conscious effort on your part. Is that practical, or what?

Shoulder-fired weapons: See previous 2. Technical Specifications, DoubleHex™

Also, Jim Brockman, a nationally-known custom rifle builder & installer of scout scopes & ghost ring sights on shoulder-fired weapons (www.brockmansrifles.com) calls HexSites™ the “most natural, expedient target identification and engagement ever experienced”; and that the HexSite® “makes obsolete the use of scout scopes and ghost ring sights. See Jim Brockman testimonial letter herein.


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