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The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is now available for all GLOCK Pistols, including AirSoft GLOCKS.

The front sight is a newly engineered design that cannot be found on any other sighting system.  The primary function of positioning hexagon shapes on the front post sight is to absorb light from reflecting back into the shooters face, thereby, allowing the shooter to maintain focus on the threat and not on reflected light. On close examination of the front sight, you will find multiple hexagon shapes that are embedded into the front post.  All of the shapes are positioned on a 45 degree angle to absorb and deflect a shooters worst enemy, reflected light.  Research data shows that this configuration reduces the reflective area of the surface of the front sight post by an estimated 83.3%.  A clear and unobstructed focus on a threat is critical in a combat shooting situation, and anything that can be done to reduce distractions to the shooter is a major benefit to a successful lethal encounter.

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1) Over Molded Metal Core Components with HexZite-22™, a Glass Filled Metal Replacement Engineering Casting Polymer that is temperature stable, chemical resistant and more "robust" than Carbon Steel. This Polymer is of the same type currently found in the Glock Pistol, with composition improvements to better meet the requirements.

2) And a totally new "user friendly" mounting system that does not require custom fitting or gunsmithing

3) Also included in the set are three varying height Front Sights, with the much improved "honeycombed" sight face to better accommodate the fast and consistent "Zero" on each pistol.

The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is 100% Made in the U.S.A. 

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Installation Manual

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ATTRIBUTES SHEET of HexSite® Sighting System and HemisHex™ Front Sight Hereinafter designated as HexSite® and HemisHex™

  • The HexSite®, simply stated, is a polygonal (in this instance, hexagonal) chamfered aperture rear sight. The front sight may be either a conventional blade or a conventional blade with our patented HemisHex™ E.D.M.’d into its top face.
  • HexSite®’s entire embodiment is integrated to aid the shooter in sighting. There are 16 primary reference points to expedite and facilitate alignment with the target.
  • HexSite®’s aperture concavity creates its own lowest value. A flat sight-face creates no shadow. HexSite®’s concavity shadow achieves contrast with the target by conveying the lowest value on the light scale (black). As a result, the target is of a higher value (white), providing better focus of the shooter’s attention.
  • HexSite® usually requires an unconventional mindset; i.e., optical focus on the target, NOT on the sight. Except for refined long-range shots (25-50+ yards), HexSite® makes no demands on shooter attention—the target does. HexSite® is to be looked through. Not at.
  • Run your hand across the pistol’s top surface. HexSite®’s low profile presents no physical snag. Also, it will not inadvertently hang up on clothing—unless you have reason to want it to.
  • The front HemisHex™ sight is a shooting aid when its use is appropriate. Advantages of the HemisHex™ are:

    (A) Ambient light makes an eye-catching glint that helps the eye locate the center of the top of the front sight. This is done without putting graphics (light-emitting or otherwise) on the rear sight face, which inevitably gives the shooter a false “O”The HemisHex™, as a focusing aid, is on the same plane as the top of the sight, not below it, as all graphics must be.

    (B) The HemisHex™ transforms the “sight-glint principle” (an inherent sighting liability) into a benefit. On a conventional front sight blade, the glint appears on the sight’s side-surface and the eye tends to center the glint. On the HemisHex™, ambient light is reflected on one of its three faces, at the top center of the sight. This is what the eye centers, which is extremely helpful in gaining the refinement required for long-range pistol shots. If no ambient light is available, hence no glint in the HemisHex™, the top of the front sight plane maintains a conventional “0” index—no false “0”.

  • HexSite® has no translucent material to reduce the intensity of light transmitted to the eye. It cannot worsen a low-light problem.
  • HexSite® has no colors—including light-emitting sources—to distract the mind’s eye of the shooter; i.e., to momentarily take one’s attention off the target (the possible threat).
  • HexSite® has no luminescence (a) to diminish one’s night vision; (b) to increase one’s vulnerability as a target from behind; and (c) to allow reflected light off one’s face and eyes to be observed by a downrange threat in a zero-light environment. (All of these three elements cause the Navy Seals to prohibit any form of light-emitting sights.
  • HexSite® allows both eyes to be open, thus

    (A) not eliminating one’s depth perception (occluded eye concept);

    (B) not diminishing one’s peripheral vision;

    (C) eliminating a tendency to “overswing” when moving to next target.

  • When it is desirable to focus on the front sight for “exquisite” target refinement (long-distance shooting), HexSite®’s rear sight aperture aids the eye’s ability to focus on the front sight by exploiting the concept of a pinhole aperture. (See “Guidelines”, Item C, Refinement II, enclosed.) In summary, the HexSite® achieves maximum contrast with the target by making itself the lowest possible value (black).

As a result of all of the above, the HexSite® provides the following Administrative Management benefits:

  • Reduced risk of collateral damage by personnel with respect to refinement of target identification. This minimizes a possibility of striking an unintended target; i.e., a partner, a friendly, or an innocent, because:
  • Shooter’s eye-focus encompasses an entire target environment;
  • With both eyes open, focusing on the engagement area, not on the sight, shooter’s expanded peripheral vision more effectively picks up the approach of an unintended target;
  • Therefore, exposure to civil damage suits can perceptibly be lessened, and;
  • As survivability and freedom from injury of personnel increases, budgetary exposures involving support of surviving dependents, insurance liabilities, deductibles, and payouts for physical injury correspondingly decreases;
  • Training costs of replacement personnel lessen in the degree that risk to personnel is diminished. We have demonstrated an average reduction of 25% or more in time required to successfully engage a target, with the same level of accuracy achieved. Such results can save lives.

In summary, actual performance and utility attributes of the HexSite® are:

    (A) Ability to quickly acquire, retain, and refine targets, moving or stationary, out of a holster, from the ready, or otherwise, preferably with both eyes open.

    (B) Use of conceived lines between angled reference points within the HexSite® aperture to “lead” moving targets, and to adjust for elevation or windage.

    (C) Awareness of improved target perception as an effect of the chamfered inner-aperture sight face, which creates a shadow for optical light-dark contrast.


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