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The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is now available for all GLOCK Pistols, including AirSoft GLOCKS.

The front sight is a newly engineered design that cannot be found on any other sighting system.  The primary function of positioning hexagon shapes on the front post sight is to absorb light from reflecting back into the shooters face, thereby, allowing the shooter to maintain focus on the threat and not on reflected light. On close examination of the front sight, you will find multiple hexagon shapes that are embedded into the front post.  All of the shapes are positioned on a 45 degree angle to absorb and deflect a shooters worst enemy, reflected light.  Research data shows that this configuration reduces the reflective area of the surface of the front sight post by an estimated 83.3%.  A clear and unobstructed focus on a threat is critical in a combat shooting situation, and anything that can be done to reduce distractions to the shooter is a major benefit to a successful lethal encounter.

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1) Over Molded Metal Core Components with HexZite-22™, a Glass Filled Metal Replacement Engineering Casting Polymer that is temperature stable, chemical resistant and more "robust" than Carbon Steel. This Polymer is of the same type currently found in the Glock Pistol, with composition improvements to better meet the requirements.

2) And a totally new "user friendly" mounting system that does not require custom fitting or gunsmithing

3) Also included in the set are three varying height Front Sights, with the much improved "honeycombed" sight face to better accommodate the fast and consistent "Zero" on each pistol.

The All New Superior Composite Construction HexSite® Sighting System is 100% Made in the U.S.A. 

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Installation Manual

Springfield XD Shooters —


Proposed Drills



Problem: Entering an unknown area with the potential of unknown threats.

Eye focus can be fixed on the area itself. When “cutting the pie” in a room-clearance drill, maintain visual concentration on the quadrant of the pie you are analyzing, and engage any random threat, while looking through the sights at the target, rather than semi-concealing the target with post-and-notch sights. Thus, reliable center-of-mass hits do not require eye focus to be brought back to the weapon sights themselves.

Exercise: Engage unknown pop-up target(s) at random distances of between 5 to 15 meters/yards, from behind cover. A “cutting the pie” drill generally is executed from a high ready (high-combat-ready) position.


Problem: When swinging left or right to engage multiple targets, the tendency is to overswing the target. By leaving both eyes open, the mind has the opportunity to warn the shooter in advance when to stop on target index. This reduces to negligible the tendency to swing past the target.

Exercise: Engage any series of random multiple targets between 3 and 15 meters/yards, swinging left and right from a 45-degree off-center line. Evaluate the time and centering quality of bullet strikes.


Problem: Consistent ability to quickly swing beyond one’s peripheral vision to a highly-refined target acquisition; i.e., head shot at 10 meters/yards or more.

Exercise: From low-ready, engage a target with a head shot at 10 meters/yards or more ahead of you, then swing 90 degree left or right and engage another head shot target at comparable distance, noting the ability to stop on target (not overswing). Using Refinement I, as indicated in ”B” of our “Guidelines for Effective Use of the HexSite® Sighting System”, eye and mind focus should be so quick as to instantly allow consistent placement of head shots of 10 meters/yards or more.

This hexagonal aperture sight gives the shooter maximum advantage when both speed of target acquisition and refinement of shot placement are required. Our documentation shows a 15% to 25% reduction in time needed to acquire refined shot placement (to begin with). With familiarization, some speeds decrease as much as 60%, when compared with use of conventional post-and-notch sights, with full concentration on identifying the threat. One of our evaluators, a professional psychologist and qualified combat shooter, terms the benefits of this sight as a “reduction in required tasks”.

Other facts:

  • Because both eyes remain open and target is unobstructed, low-light acquisition is excellent with the use of hexagonal aperture rear sights;
  • The non-snag design still affords one-hand slide operation to facilitate chambering of round;
  • Front sight will need replacing with slightly higher post, depending on caliber,

weapon-type, and whether ported (Keeper™ Recoil Reduction System). This additional front sight height of .015” to .068” can be achieved with standard replacement-type front sight blades.


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